Do’s and Don’ts After Botox® Injections

Feb 22, 2023
Do’s and Don’ts After Botox® Injections
Botox® is a great option when you're looking to eliminate wrinkles for a youthful glow, but you must know what to do and what not to do after your injection. Keep reading to discover the essential dos and don'ts after receiving Botox.

Getting older isn't for the faint of heart, especially when your skin develops the inevitable wrinkles and fine lines. Botox® is one of the best options to correct them, and it comes with minimal side effects.

However, you must understand what's off-limits after your Botox injections for the best results.

Dr. Jose Lopez-Chevres and Dr. Yaritza Arriaga O'Neill are primary care doctors who offer Botox at their medical practice, Highway Integrative Health Center. Dr. Lopez-Chevres and Dr. O'Neill provide you with aftercare instructions to ensure you get the most out of your Botox injection, which they also address here.

What is Botox used for?

Botox is a cosmetic treatment our team uses to give you a more youthful appearance. It contains botulinum toxin, the toxin that leads to botulism, a deadly type of food poisoning.

However, experts have harnessed the power of botulinum toxin in small, diluted quantities to improve the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Our team treats several areas with Botox injections, including:

  • Neck
  • Lips
  • Nose
  • Forehead
  • Chin
  • Eyebrows
  • Jawline

Licensed medical providers also use Botox for specific medical conditions, including chronic migraine, overactive bladder, and cervical dystonia.

No matter what you're receiving Botox for, you must understand the essential dos and don'ts after your procedure.

What to do after your Botox injection

Once our team schedules you for your Botox injection appointment, we give you a rundown of what to expect and what you should and shouldn't do after your injection.

Following your aftercare instructions is vital to the success of your treatment. A few of the things we suggest you do after your Botox injection include the following:

Relax after your injection

You may feel some discomfort in your face after the Botox injections. It's a good idea to go home and relax. Relaxation helps you deal with any pain and enables you to avoid issues from doing too much too soon.

Stay out of the sun

After your Botox injection, it’s best practice to stay out of direct sunlight for at least 24-48 hours. The direct heat from the sun leads to flushing and increased bruising around the treatment area. You should also avoid other heat sources like tanning beds or saunas to be safe.

Stay sitting up

You must stay upright for at least four hours after your Botox injection. Lying down or bending over for extended periods can worsen bruising by spreading Botox to other areas of your face.

Gently perform facial exercises

Specific facial exercises after your injection help the results of Botox show up sooner. After a Botox injection, you can do gentle facial exercises like smiling, raising your eyebrows, and frowning to enhance the toxin's effectiveness.

Practices to avoid following Botox

As with any other procedure, there are also activities to avoid after a Botox injection. Our team provides you with a list of things you shouldn't do after Botox injections, including the following:

Don't touch your face

One of the biggest things to avoid after Botox is touching the treatment area on your face, as it can cause the Botox to spread, causing bruising and other issues.

Don't exercise for 24 hours

Strenuous exercise is a big no-no after receiving Botox. You should wait at least 24 hours before resuming regular physical activity to avoid the toxin spreading and causing severe bruising.

Don't drink alcohol

You should avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours after you've received a Botox treatment. It's also vital that you avoid alcohol for a day before your treatment, as it increases your risk for bruising.

Don't get other treatments

After Botox, let your face rest for a few days. You mustn't opt for other facial treatments within that time frame, as they decrease the toxin's effectiveness. Avoid facials, fillers, or exfoliation for at least 24 hours after your Botox injection.

If you have questions about what you can and can't do after your Botox injection, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

To schedule your Botox appointment, call our Davenport, Florida office at 689-600-1542, or request an appointment online using our convenient booking tool.